Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Coal Story

I recently ran into an interesting little short on the web that I feel I must share here.

Produced by the advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather in China, Greenpeace brings us a Coal Story.

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Corion said...

Hey dude, it's "[soth] Corion" from Steam.

A couple days ago steam borked and deleted my friendslist. They fixed it after a while, but all the people I tried to re-add while it was gone are now no longer on my friends list.

In addition, the only people who could see the invites I was sending out was other people who were online and had lost me as a friend as well.

When I tried to re-send invites, it forced many of my missing friends to auto-ignore me (chat and friend requests). You are one of those people.

I'm assuming that you aren't purposefully ignoring me. If my assumption is correct, please send me a friend request within Steam or send me a message. Thanks.

Letting me know if you're ignoring me on purpose would be good too, I guess.

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